Our story

Launched in 2016 the experts of MBH Fintechlab are driving the digital transformation in the financial sector. Learn how we developed our services and became the leading innovation and design lab in the CEE region.


The idea

MBH Bank had a vision of building a bridge between startups and the world of finance, seeking partnerships with fintechs to enhance customer experience and deliver better financial services.


The beginning

MBH Fintechlab was founded in 2016 with the mission to create better financial services by bringing in the top talent and know-how from the international fintech ecosystem.

What we do at MBH Fintechlab is simple: we take the biggest problems customers and banks face today and solve them, together with the best talent from the fintech world.



In 2016, we launched the first fintech startup accelerator and innovation lab in Hungary. We scouted the local market for the top fintech ideas, helped create some of these through our first Fintech Academy and invested into 6 Hungarian startups in the spring of 2017.

Armed with our growing network and deep understanding of the local fintech ecosystem, for our second batch, we expanded our focus to the wider CEE region. We organized a 6-country roadshow and international competition to test MBH’s API sandbox, the result of our first successful partnership with one of our portfolio companies, FintechX. In 2018, we welcomed 8 new startups from 6 countries to join our accelerator.

For our third batch, we even attracted startups from the UK and Estonia. 8 new innovative companies relocated their operations to Budapest for 3 months to participate in our program. We were responsible for growing the local ecosystem by bringing in these international founders and their teams.


Design is here

In the summer of 2018, we started building a team of designers to bring customer-centric thinking and best practices into MBH Bank. Our designers are dedicated to product development projects from the earliest phase and are full-time allocated to the most critical strategic projects and digital channels within MBH Bank.

Supporting the strategy and cultural shift from within the bank, MBH Fintechlab’s UX, UI and Service Design professionals are passionate about creating customer-centric products and processes.


Fintechlab Today

TToday, MBH Fintechlab is the CEE’s leading innovation lab, leading the digital transformation and enhancing digital capabilities within the MBH Financial Group.

We work on digital products, build long-lasting partnerships with startups and other innovators and organise events to share knowledge and boost the fintech ecosystem in the region.

Being the first fintech innovation and design lab of Hungary, our team of experts are on a mission to solve the financial sector’s main challenges.

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